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Januvia 100 mg $1,721 $136.99 92% $6,336.04
CRESTOR 10MG $966 $44.45 95% $3,686.20
CHAMPIX 1MG $783 $192 75% $2,363.40
DIAMOX 250MG $495 $33 93% $1,848.96
VIAGRA 100MG $918 $154 83% $3,057.04
CIALIS 20MG $970 $197.37 80% $3,090.52
PREMARIN 0.625MG $810 $71.94 91% $2,952.24
SERETIDE ACCUHALER 500/50MCG $1,410 $197.12 86% $4,851.52
LESCOL XL 80MG $1,861.32 $96.53 95% $7,059.16
JANUMET 50/500MG $778 $77 90% $2,803.80
ONGLYZA 5MG $1,458 $146.28 90% $5,246.88
LANOXIN 0.25MG $1,033.91 $29 97% $4,019.84
**Prices collected March 2020

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