Brand Champix

Champix (Varenicline): Uses, Dosages, Side effects, Price, Coupons

  • Generic Name: Varenicline
  • Drug Category: Stop Smoking
  • Uses: It is used to stop Smoking

Champix is a prescription medication that helps in quitting smoking by reducing the craving for a cigarette.

It is available in the form of Champix 1mg and Champix .5mg.

1Why Champix (Varenicline) is prescribed?

Champix is a prescription medication that helps in quitting smoking. It contains varenicline as an active medicament that helps in the treatment of addiction to nicotine. It helps to reduce the urge to smoke and relieve withdrawal symptoms and thereby helps to quit smoking. It can be prescribed as a startup treatment i.e a 12-week course of tablets which helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms that are associated with quitting smoking

2How to use it?

Champix tablets are meant for oral use that can be taken with or without food. It is usually taken exactly as advised by your physician. Swallow the drug as a whole don't chew crush or break the tablet. It is beneficial to take the dose each day at the same time. Read patient information leaflets properly before use.

3What if I miss a dose or overdose?

If you forgot to take a dose, don't panic about that, you can take it later. If the time exceeded the time of the next dose, then skip the previous dose and consult with your physician. Don't take two or more doses at the same time to catch up on the missed dose.

Overdose of Champix may lead to unwanted side effects that may be linked with some suicidal side effects. If you realize that you take the overdose then, Consult to your health care professional as early as possible. Or you can also call any poison control center. 

4Champix (Varenicline) Side-effects:

Side-effects of Champix may include sleeplessness, difficulty in concentration, decreased heart rate, increased appetite, weight gain. Some common side effects that are associated with Champix include nausea, headache, difficulty sleeping, and abnormal dreams. It may also produce dizziness and sleepiness and thereby decreases the ability to concentrate.

5Champix (Varenicline) Drug Interactions:

There are various causes of drug interactions like the drug is taken with food beverages, supplements, or other drugs.

Champix may interact with various drugs or some diseased conditions and leads to moderate to severe interactions. Don't stop or take the medication without consulting with your physician. Your pharmacist or physician should already aware of all the interactions, so they can properly advise you on how to take your medication with all the precautions.

6Precautions on taking Champix:

  • If you have any hypersensitivity reaction with this drug, discontinue the medication and information to your physician.
  • Consult with your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 
  • Avoid driving or any other work that needs alertness.
  • Don't take without a prescription or any consultation with your physician. 
  • If you have any cardiac or renal impairment, inform your physician before starting the treatment.


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